Multi Service acts as both a card issuer and merchant acquirer in order to develop customized, closed-loop billing and payment programs on behalf of our commercial and government client.

Closed-Loop Billing and Payment Programs.

Multi Service acts as both a payment card issuer and a merchant acquirer to develop closed-loop billing and payment programs for business-to-business transactions. By creating card programs that may be utilized exclusively within a select group of merchant locations (such as truck stops, retail chains, or fixed base operations), Multi Service closed-loop card programs provide administrative savings and business insights to users on both the supplier and procurement side of the B2B equation.

This direct relationship with both the cardholder and the merchant allows Multi Service to execute specialized programs for unique billing and payment requirements such as: guaranteed level III transaction data as well as custom data collection. For example, with the Multi Service Fuel Card, a truck driver must provide a vehicle identification number (VIN) as well as a hubodometer (mileage) reading at every fueling. This provides insight into fuel costs by vehicle, state, fuel type and miles per gallon for fleet management. Multi Service Aero Card plays a similar role in the commercial aviation industry, collecting a tail number for every aircraft prior to fueling.

In some cases, creating a closed-loop network simply allows customers to streamline their accounts receivables process. In Europe, for instance, international transport companies must pay fees for the use of bridges, tunnels and some major highways. Each of these roadway systems is managed by a different organization. This means that transport companies must handle multiple relationships with multiple vendors and multiple bills in varying languages and currencies on a regular basis. Multi Service has established relationships with toll companies across the European Union to consolidate these charges into a single bill for each transport customer in the language and currency of their preference.

Some procurement processes can be so complex, or require such detailed documentation throughout the transaction process that a complete enquiry to fulfillment order management system could be required. The Multi Service Altivis and Multi Service Marine programs provide this level of step-by-step, auditable order management to help commercial shippers and worldwide government entities manage bunker fuel procurement.

Any number of specialized data requirements or billing preferences could become essential to an efficient business-to-business relationship. Sometimes these requirements lead to their own custom closed-loop network. This is where private label programs such as the U.S. Government AIR Card® and SEA Card® programs come into play.