A collection of resources regarding commercial, government and fleet billing and payment solutions compiled by Multi Service.

Thought Leadership

Evaluating your Fuel Card Options
April 5, 2010
Fuel cards provide fleets with access to credit for a daily operating expense, cost savings at the pump, reimbursement or reward programs for qualified transactions, as well as insightful data to manage down fleet costs. But the benefits provided by fuel card companies are not interchangeable. This paper will review the questions you need to ask prior to deciding upon a fuel card company.
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A Better Procurement Process
March 15, 2010
The cost of marine fuel is frequently in the millions of dollars per lift. The time involved in locating and qualifying fuel suppliers, specifying orders, confirming or disputing transaction details, and processing payments represent additional administrative expense. This case study outlines how the U.S. Government identified specific fuel procurement issues and developed an e-procurement system that would both improve access to fuel and decrease marine fuel procurement costs.
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Adapting Your Consumer Payment Program to Commercial Customer Requirements
February 26, 2010
In a billing and payment program, the mystery of how to maximize B2B profitability is often a simple question of functionality. This paper addresses the common pitfalls of a consumer payment program that hinder commercial growth and goes on to identify value opportunities that can make B2B relationships more profitable.
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Understanding the Value of a Payments Program to National Accounts
November 15, 2009
Today’s national fleets are juggling a multitude of financial challenges. With average fleet operating margins of 2-4% in the United States, these financial variables ladder up to overwhelming business concerns for over-the-road trucking companies. A survey by the Kinetic Group of 300 fleets participating in aftermarket parts programs identifies the role billings and payments can play in managing these financial challenges for fleets.
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