Multi Service tailored b2b processing solutions and bill pay services to small businesses and Fortune 100 companies.

Commercial Purchasing Programs, Procurement Cards, Spend Management

As Multi Service, we believe in entrepreneurship. We believe that there is opportunity in processes, opportunity to scale, to innovate, to customize, and to grow businesses. We understand that business-to-business relationships are not cut-and-dry. We were founded on the idea that some billing and payment problems require a solution that does more than “get the bills paid.”

If you require a solution that strengthens your business relationships while streamlining the transaction process, contact us.

Payment Programs

  • Private Label

    Private label merchant account programs allow retailers to provide their commercial customers with an exclusive purchase experience, with online account access and management capabilities, purchasing controls, fraud and misuse prevention, and on-demand Level III transaction data.

  • Multi Service Aero Card

    The Multi Service Aero Card program standardizes commercial aviation and fuel purchases.

  • Prepaid Solutions

    Through the adoption of Multi Service Prepaid Solutions, clients in broad industries obtain increased control, insight and functionality by replacing the processing and handling of cash disbursements.