Multi Service provides payment solutions to small and large over-the-road fleets through fuel card and fleet safety services in the United States and Canada as well as consolidated billing programs for tolls and tunnels across Europe.

Fleet Management, Fleet Cards, Commercial Fleet Payments

Multi Service was founded in 1978 on a fleet owner's idea that there should be a single, secure way to pay for diesel fuel across the United States. From this idea, the Multi Service Fuel Card was established. Since then, Multi Service has expanded its fleet services in both the North American and the European  trucking industries. In 2004, Multi Service extended its fleet solutions to the water with the launch of Multi Service Marine, an online bunker procurement solution for marine vessels.

All Multi Service Fleet Payment Programs are designed with a single end-result in mind, to provide bottom-line savings to fleets and over-the-road drivers.

Payment Programs

  • Fuel Card

    Fleet fuel cards provide fuel management and operational cost-savings to small and large over-the-road trucking companies. Utilize purchasing controls, detailed transaction data, and on-demand fuel management reporting to reduce fleet operating costs.

  • Private Label

    Private label merchant account programs allow OEMs in the trucking industry to provide guaranteed pricing to national fleet accounts across their entire distribution network. OEMs, dealers and fleets achieve cash-flow advantages and cost-savings throughout their business operations.

  • Tolls

    Multi Service Tolls provides consolidated, detailed billings for all charges associated with the toll roads, tunnels and bridges connecting the European transportation industry in the fleet’s preferred language and currency. Multi Service manages toll cards, guarantees payments and contracts with European operators, allowing fleets to focus on their core business: transportation.

  • Marine

    Multi Service designed an international marine fuel procurement solution for the purchase of commercial and government bunkers. This unique online platform offers an efficient, paperless order-to-cash bunker buying system to marine vessels and streamlines the ordering and payment process for fleet management and bunker fuel suppliers.