Fleet fuel cards, fleet management solutions, fuel rebates and other fleet card services for use at over 3,000 truck stops in the United States and Canada for over the road trucking companies seeking oversight of their commercial fuelings.

Fleet Fuel Cards, Fleet Fuel Management Solutions, On Demand Fuel Management

Powering your Fleet. Empowering your Business.

Comparing the management of an over-the-road fleet fuel program to an elaborate juggling act is not far-fetched. In today’s economy, the price of diesel seems to shift in the breeze and the source of your next load can be equally unpredictable.

Your job: Manage down overall fuel costs while ensuring your drivers have access to the fuel they need and a reliable way to pay when they need it. No small task, but Multi Service Fuel Card can help.

Fuel cards replace cash or credit cards for fleet fuel purchases. With Multi Service Fuel Card, your fleet obtains the low average cash price for fuel purchases made at more than 4,000 truck stops across the United States and Canada. You gain consolidated insight into overall fleet fuel costs for better long-term fuel management.

Go ahead; take control. Whether you manage five or five thousand trucks, Multi Service provides a card program that can make your fuel purchases work for you.