Multi Service specializes in the design, implementation, and management of commercial net pay billing and payment solutions.
Loyalty & Rewards Programs

A properly implemented loyalty and rewards program can motivate customers to significantly increase their business with your company or encourage your merchants to sell more of your product.

Multi Service captures line-item transaction detail in order to produce billing statements for your customers and issue reimbursements to your dealers. The added value this detailed transaction data provides to your business is directly measurable in your ability to launch an effective loyalty and rewards program.

Our marketing analysts can identify customer buying behaviors according to:

  • Seasonal purchase trends,
  • Product bundles,
  • Geographic or demographic product preferences,
  • Fiscal purchasing schedules,
  • Lifetime value and more.

Once we identify your customers’ purchase motivations, Multi Service can help your company map an appropriate and effective incentive program, including when or how incentives are awarded. Your private label program can incorporate a loyalty or reward program based upon rebates, discounts, special offers or redeemable points.

Multi Service provides fulfillment services as necessary for your loyalty and rewards program. Multi Service can generate customized rewards reports that clearly illustrate to both your commercial customers and your merchants the benefit of doing business with your company.